One Week Later…

Lucy:  Katie…Katie…Katie, are you there?  Please pick up the phone!  We need to talk…

Katie:  Oh, hello, Lucy.  Yes, I’m here.  I know you’re probably angry because I never called you to go to Antler Ridge to get our signed copies of The Christmas Pumpkin.  But we had a bit of a family tragedy…

Lucy:   Oh, Katie, what on earth happened?  Was one of the kids sick?  Did someone die?

Katie:  Yes…yes…there’s been a death in our family.

Lucy:   Oh, Katie, I’m so sorry.  Who died?

Katie:   Our sweet Ignatz – he passed away sometime after midnight on Friday.  We found him floating on top of the water on Saturday morning. We couldn’t revive him!

Lucy:  So he drowned?  In your pool?  Wait a minute – when did you get a pool?  And who is Ignatz?  I’ve never heard you mention that name before.

Katie:  Ignatz was our pet goldfish; he’s been part of our family for years!  All of us have been very upset.

Lucy:  Hmmm…I see. Well, I’m very sorry for your loss, Katie.  What you need is something positive to focus on, and I’ve got just the thing!

The 3 Storytelling Ladies are appearing at three different places next week!

Katie:   Really?  Three places?  Where?  When?

Lucy:    So on Monday – that’s Columbus Day – they’re going to be at Weaver’s Orchard just off Route 10.  They’ll be signing books and showing the youngsters how to make their own origami pumpkins!

Katie:   That sounds great!  And we could shop for our own pumpkins and get some apples and cider and oh, their apple cider donuts –yum!

Lucy:   That’s right!  But just in case that doesn’t work, they’ll be at the Market at Boyer’s Junction on Saturday (October 14th) morning.

Katie:  Oh, that would work, too!  We could grab some breakfast, get our signed copies of The Christmas Pumpkin, and then head off to the Lehigh Valley Mall for some serious shopping.  I need a costume for Halloween!

Lucy:   Yes, I like that idea, too.  But just in case neither of those locations fit in your schedule, they’ll be at Folino Estate on Sunday (October 15th).

That’s an absolutely lovely winery and they’re having a big autumn festival!  We could sample some of their delicious wines and havelunch in their restaurant.

Katie:  Wow, Lucy!  You’ve really been keeping track of the 3 Storytelling Ladies and their newest book.  May I have a little time to think it over – all of those options sound wonderful.  Since we both need to get several copies of The Christmas Pumpkin couldn’t we try to go to all three?

Lucy:  Ah, you’re sounding better already, Katie.  That’s a positively splendiferous idea!   So I’ll pick you up around 9 on Monday morning.

Katie:  Yes, I will be ready!  Oh, and Lucy, it would be nice if you could come a little early to visit Ignatz’s grave and pay your respects…

Sue, Jen and I all hope to see all of you at one – or all – of these locations:

Weaver’s Orchard
40 Fruit Lane
Morgantown, PA 19543
Monday, October 9th:  10 a.m. to 4 p.m. **Postponed due to weather**

The Market at Boyer’s Junction
122 Pricetown Road
Fleetwood, PA 19522
Saturday. October 14th:  10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Folino Estate
340 Old Route 22
Kutztown, PA 19530
Sunday, October 15th:  11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Come and see us and get your signed copies of The Christmas Pumpkin!  Oh, and you don’t need to visit Ignatz’s grave before you set out on your journey!

Jen Sue and Mary Ann


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