The Christmas Pumpkin and His Three Storytelling Ladies have a busy weekend coming up!

In a recent cell phone conversation…

Katie:     Oh, Lucy, I am soooo sorry that we didn’t make it to Moravian Bookshop last Sunday and didn’t get to purchase our copies of The Christmas Pumpkin and get them signed by the Three Storytelling Ladies.

Lucy:      Katie, Katie, Katie…now stop apologizing.  How could you have known that your right rear tire would blow out along Route 22 and leave us stranded.  And actually I have to confess that when I walked around the back of your car, I thought that tire looked a little low, but I was just so excited about getting my hands on that new book that I didn’t want anything to slow us down.  But I just checked mahayeswrites – you know, their website – and guess what!  They’re going to be signing at two new places this weekend, so maybe we can catch them at one of those locations.

Katie:     Really?  Where?  And when?

Lucy:      Well, on Saturday morning from 10 to noon or so they’ll be at Max Crema’s on the Pricetown Road.  It’s that lovely little coffee shop that has all kinds of great coffee drinks – and tea for you – and sweet pastries to nosh on.  And friendly baristas, too!

Katie:     Hmmm…that sounds good.  It could be a great way to start the day and then we could head out to the mall for some shopping and lunch later.  But you said that they’re going to be at two places.  Where else are they signing — just in case Saturday morning doesn’t work with my family’s schedule?

Lucy:      So on Sunday – that’s October 1st already – they’ll be at the Antler Ridge Winery in Mertztown.  From what I hear, Jane at Antler Ridge has been super supportive of the Three Storytelling Ladies.   That’s probably why they have had a signing event for every one of their books at the winery.  They’ll be there from 1 to 4 in the afternoon.  And we could even enjoy a glass of great wine while we wait in line to get our books signed!

Katie:     Wow, Lucy – this is a hard decision.  Both places sound great and they’re both practically in our back yards.  Great coffee or tea and pastries or delicious wine – can I have a little time to think about this?

Lucy:       Sure – when you decide just text me!

Katie:     Will do!  And I’ll drive!

Lucy:      That would be lovely.  Just please check the air pressure in all four of your tires before you pick me up!

We hope we’ll see all of you this weekend!

Saturday, September 30th:

Max Crema’s
Pricetown Road
10 a.m. to noon

Sunday. October 1st:

Antler Ridge Winery
1 to 4 p.m.

Jennifer, Suzanne and Mary Ann

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