The Christmas Pumpkin Is Coming to Moravian Bookshop!

In a conversation overheard at a local nail salon:

Lucy:          So, Katie, how about going to the cafe around the corner for some lunch when we’re finished here?

Katie:         Oh, sorry, but I really can’t today.  I’m heading right off to Bethlehem as soon as my nails are dry!

Lucy:          To Bethlehem?  Where are you going in Bethlehem?

Katie:         Why to the Moravian Bookshop of course!

Lucy:         The Moravian Bookshop?  You’re driving all the way to Bethlehem to get a book?  Why don’t you just  go to B & N right down the road?

Katie:         Well, for one thing they don’t have the book I want, and for another the author and her illustrator and the lady who does all the graphics are all going to be there to sign the book from 1 to 3 this afternoon.

Lucy:         Oh…so who is this hotshot author whose signature you want so badly?  Sue Grafton?  Danielle Steele?  Patricia Cornwell?

Katie:        No, no, no — it’s none of them!  It’s Mary Ann Hayes.  You know, the woman who wrote The Easter Chicken!  She’s a local author, and I’ve heard her new book, The Christmas Pumpkin, is just delightful.  I’m getting a book for each of my seven grandchildren!

Lucy:         So it’s a good story?

Katie:         Oh, it’s way more than a good story.  It’s a work of art!  That Suzanne Oswald — that’s the illustrator — has done an amazing job of bringing the story to life with her beautiful illustrations.  And Jennifer Fink — she does the graphics and technical work — she’s so skilled that her work is clearly good art as well!  Yeah, those 3 Storytelling Ladies — that’s what they call themselves — they know how to create great children’s books.  And they’re all going to be there today!

Lucy:         So…could I go with you to the Moravian Book Shop?  Maybe we could grab a little lunch after we get our copies of The Christmas Pumpkin — my treat!

Katie:        That’s a great idea!  My polish is dry, so I’ll drive.  I’ll take your handbag and we can be on our way!

Lucy:         Moravian Book Shop and The Christmas Pumpkin, here we come!

Why don’t all of you come out too?

The Moravian Bookshop

Bethlehem, PA

Sunday, September 24 , 2017

1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

We can’t wait to greet all of you!

Jen, Suzanne and Mary Ann

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