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The National Art Honor Society Arts and Crafts Sale

Brandywine Heights High School, Topton, PA

Saturday, December 3, 2016

10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

If you have not yet purchased your very own copy of Just Plump Penelope Goes to Kindergarten, this is the perfect opportunity to get your signed copy.  And just in case you missed the first book in our series, you will be able to purchase both books for a special signing event price of $35!

Looking forward to seeing you there . . .

JPP and Mary Ann

Dear Readers,

Here’s hoping your turkey is juicy

And your stuffing turns out just right

And your pumpkin pie with whipped cream piled high

Makes your day with loved ones a total delight!

Happy Thanksgiving from Just Plump Penelope and the 3 Storytelling Ladies (aka Jen, Sue and Mary Ann)

In our never-ending search to find new locations to sell Just Plump Penelope and Just Plump Penelope Goes to Kindergarten, Mary Ann, Sue and I took a road-trip last Monday to scout out some locations – and guess what! We found a new store that is now carrying our books in their line-up – The Growing Tree Toy Shop in Kennett Square, PA!

Mary Ann, Sue and I in The Mushroom Cap.

Mary Ann, Sue and I in The Mushroom Cap.

Now I do have to say that if you are unfamiliar with this shop, you may be a bit thrown off the path if you go searching for it, for it is a “hidden-treasure” beneath a store called The Mushroom Cap. When you see the storefront, it is primarily devoted to the ‘shrooms, but on the bottom level of the building is a lovely children’s store definitely worth checking out! You can access the lower level both through an exterior entrance, as well as through The Mushroom Cap. We appreciate that Kathi Lafferty, owner of both stores, has agreed to offer Just Plump Penelope for sale! Also, keep an eye out because we are trying to schedule a book signing at The Growing Tree Toy Shop soon and will announce a date as soon as we have one!

By the way – if you do go to Kennett Square and you are a “foodie,” you need to stop by two locations: the first is The Mushroom Cap.  Even if you are not shopping for Just Plump Penelope, but you are looking for good food and cooking ingredients – The Mushroom Cap offers mushrooms of all types – fresh, marinated, dried, sauces, powders, etc. You name it in mushrooms, and they probably have it! Who would have thought it – a store all about mushrooms!

My lunch at Philter.

My lunch at Philter.

The second location you need to check out is right across the street from The Mushroom Cap and The Growing Tree Toy Shop – Philter, Handcrafted Coffee (and so much more)! After visiting with Kathi at The Mushroom Cap, we took her advice and headed across the street to get some lunch, which was a great decision! Not only does Philter have handcrafted coffee and other great specialty drinks, but they also have a fabulous menu of soups (one which features mushrooms from their neighbor) and beautiful sandwiches in a cozy, inviting atmosphere!

Our desserts!

Our desserts!

For lunch, I had a pancetta, brie and arugula sandwich with a honey rosemary fig spread that was to die for! Sue had the chicken salad special of the day (and beat Mary Ann and me to the last of the mushroom soup) and Mary Ann enjoyed their smoked ham and Vermont cheddar sandwich. Then came dessert – all I can say is yum!

So the next time you happen to be in the neighborhood of Kennett Square, stop by and pick up a copy of one of our Just Plump Penelope books, browse through The Mushroom Cap, and enjoy a bit to eat and drink at Philter!

– Jennifer