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In only three hours, Mary Ann, Sue and I will be at Antler Ridge Winery in Mertztown, PA, anticipating your visit to help celebrate our new book – Just Plump Penelope Goes to Kindergaten!

Remember we will be at the winery from 1-4 p.m. today! We will be having some light refreshments, and Jane Meck will be happy to offer you a taste of the lovely wines available at Antler Ridge!

For anyone attending today, we are offering a special purchase price on a set of the two Just Plump Penelope books –

Purchase BOTH Just Plump Penelope and Just Plump Penelope Goes to Kindergarten and receive a $5 Discount! Regularly the books are $20 each, today they will be $35!

We are so excited to see you at the winery this afternoon!

– Jennifer

Can you believe it?  Tomorrow,  — August 28th, is almost here, and Sue, Jen and I are so excited!
Maybe we should check our list of everything we’ll need for Just Plump Penelope’s big day:

Bags for our readers’ picnic blanketpurchases

Pens to sign the books

The SQUARE for credit card payments

Tablecloth and bookstand for our display

Food . . . always food . . .

Hmm . . . what’s missing?

Oh, of course — the books!  We’ll take both books in the series — Just Plump Penelope and Just Plump Penelope Goes to Kindergarten — just in case some folks missed the first book.

Is there anything else we’ll need to make this launch a success?  Yes . . .


Sue, Jen and I can hardly wait to share our newest creation with you.  Please join us tomorrow.  We aren’t taking attendance, but we will miss you if you’re not there!

Antler Ridge Winery

Mertztown, PA

1 to 4 p.m.



Conversation overheard at the farmer’s market:

Nana:          So Kamille, it’s almost time for school to start.  Are you all ready?

Kamille:      Uh-huh.

Nana:          What about a new outfit for the first day?  We could go shopping for one this afternoon.

Kamille:      Thanks, Nana, but Mom already got me an outfit.

Nana:          Okay . . . then how about a new backpack?  I saw some really cute ones at the mall yesterday.

Kamille:     No, thanks — Mom and Dad already me bought me one last week.

Just Plump Penelope ready for her first day of kindergarten

Just Plump Penelope ready for her first day of kindergarten!

Nana:          Well . . . I know!  I bet you need notebooks, folders, pencils . . .

Kamille:     No, Nana, I already got all of my supplies a few weeks ago.

Nana:          Oh, my —  then I guess there’s nothing I can buy for you for your first day of school.

Kamille:     Actually, Nana, there is one thing I really want, and Mom and Dad didn’t buy it for me.  But it’s not exactly for the first day of school.

Nana:         Well, goodness, child — what is it?  Now keep in mind that I don’t have the money to buy any of that fancy technology stuff.  I’m on a fixed income.

Kamille:     No, Nana, it’s nothing like that.  It only costs $19.95.

Nana:         So what is it, Kamille?

Kamille:     It’s a book called Just Plump Penelope Goes to Kindergarten, and you can get it this Sunday at the Antler Ridge Winery in Mertztown.  And guess what! The author, the illustrator, and the graphic designer will all be there to sign it!

Nana:         Really?

Kamille:    Yes, and there will be food and you’ll even be able to buy a glass — or a whole bottle — of wine, too!

Nana:         Hmmm .. that sounds very nice, but you know I go to church on Sunday.

Kamille:     That’s okay, Nana.  The event is from 1 to 4 p.m.  And I could go with you — please.

Nana:         All right!  It’s a date.  I’ll pick you up at 12:30 and we’ll head off to Antler Ridge to get you your very own signed copy of Just Plump Penelope Goes to Kindergarten.  And maybe I’ll buy one for your little brother, too!

Kamille:     Thanks, Nana!  You’re the best!

Mary Ann, Sue and Jen

Mary Ann, Sue and Jen

That’s right!  Just Plump Penelope Goes to Kindergarten is here!  We are only 3 days away from the official launch party for this newest book in our Penelope series, and all of you are invited to join us this Sunday, August 28th, to celebrate.  Sue, Jen and I will all be at the Antler Ridge Winery in Mertztown from 1 to 4 p.m.  We would love to see all of you and to sign a copy of our newest release just for you.  And just a suggestion . . . Just Plump Penelope’s story would be an awesome back-to-school gift to share with that oh-so-special young book lover in your life!

See you Sunday!

Sue, Jen and Mary Ann

Good evening, dear readers . . .whistler150dpi

We have exciting news!  Just Plump Penelope Goes to Kindergarten is almost here!  Yes, it’s true
— even as I am writing this post our newest book is making its way from the printer to Pennsylvania and will arrive here tomorrow.  Are Sue, Jen and I excited?  Yes, we are, and we hope that you will be excited too!  And to share some of our excitement with you, we are holding a launch party at Antler Ridge Winery in Mertztown from 1 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, August 28th.  All of us will be there to sign your getting_on_the_busbook while you enjoy some tasty treats and some of Antler Ridge’s delicious wine!  Books and wine — and food, too — what more could anyone ask?
Come and celebrate with us!  We look forward to seeing all of you there . . .

S, J and M

P.S.  And huge thanks to Jane and Antler Ridge for making their wonderful venue available to us!