Monthly Archives: July 2016

Dear Readers,

Some of you probably thought we were rushing things with our last blog.  After all, doesn’t it seem like summer vacation just started?  But today I saw my first “Back to School” ads in the Sunday Reading Eagle inserts!  That, plus Jen’s reminding me that it’s time to share another illustration from our new book, Just Plump Penelope Goes to Kindergarten, put me here at my computer to remind all of you that in just a little over a month the second book in our series will be ready so that you can share Penelope’s very first day of school.

We are already planning our fall calendar of readings/signings/appearances.  Although we can’t give you all of the details just yet, we are planning an official launch party in Berks County in late August.  More information about this event will appear in a future blog.

We are also very excited about an invitation we’ve received to appear at Immanuel UCC in Shillington.  The date is Wednesday, October 12th, and the time is 6:30 to 8 p.m.  We are so grateful to Rev. Megan Huesgen and to Sherry Smith Leibensperger, who are pouring their energy into bringing a number of groups together for this event!

Oh, I could go on, but I’m sure you are far more interested in another sneak peek at one of Sue’s beautiful illustrations than in reading more of my blather, so…


School Bus at DB Clark Elementary


Thanks for checking in, and stay cool!


Mary Ann