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Hello, dear readers,

Our yummy lunch from Snuzzles, all packed and ready to go home.

Our yummy lunch from Snuzzles, all packed and ready to go home.

Gray skies, chilly temperatures, and the threat of precipitation could not deter Just Plump Penelope’s team from meeting at Snuzzle’s to map out our plans for 2016.  As you can see — and as is always the case — lunch was a key component of our session.  That’s Jen’s chef’s salad minus the roast beef; Sue’s fowl salad minus the feathers; and my tuna salad minus even a hint of that meat, the name of which shall still not be spoken!   (See our last post to discover its identity.)  And of course we had to share a basket of fried veggies with horseradish sauce — no visit to Snuzzle’s would be complete without it.  Unfortunately, we had already devoured these tasty tidbits before we remembered to snap a photo.

So you’re probably wondering whether or not we actually got any work done.  The answer is an absolute “yes!”  And we’re excited to share the results of our efforts with all of you:

  1.  We began to plan for an upcoming assembly at a local elementary school, which is scheduled for Monday, February 29th.
  2. We agreed to put Penelope on Pinterest, with an eye toward increasing our visibility.
  3. We discussed putting Penelope on Amazon for the same reason.
  4. We established deadlines for the publication of Just Plump Penelope Goes to Kindergarten; our target date for the book’s release is early August 2016, just in time for the beginning of the new school year.
  5. We did the same for The Christmas Pumpkin, with our target date for its release being early October 2016, just in time for your Christmas gift giving.

On a more social note, we got to visit with Tony and Emily D’Olivieri, who have recently joined the self-publishing community with their first book, In the Blink of an Eye, and who were also partaking of some of Snuzzle’s savories.  And as always when self-publishers meet, we shared hints and stories about this great adventure!

All in all, this was a very productive meeting.  As we made our way to our cars to head home, outside the skies were still gray, the temperature was still chilly, and the threat of precipitation still lingered, but we had just spent three hours basking in the sunny warmth of creativity and friendship!  Who says that work can’t be fun?




Whew!  The holidays are over at last, and we all can finally return to “normal,” whatever that may be.  Personally, I can tell you that during the past week and a half, ham has become one of those forbidden words that will not be spoken, written, or even thought about in the Hayes household, and I won’t be a bit surprised if pizza is on the menu for Easter!

But “h _ _,” cookies, cakes, and pies aside, the Just Plump Penelope team is eager to get this new year started.  And that’s why we’ll be holding our first team meeting for 2016 on Friday, January 8th.  So if you want to know what is in the works for JPP in the year ahead, visit our site next weekend to get all the news.

P.S.  Yes, as always, we will be having lunch while we work, BUT I can assure you that that meat, the name of which shall not be spoken, will NOT be on the menu . . . I hope!


To all of you have already read our story and to those of you who have yet to do so we wish you a joyous New Year filled with all the wonderful things that life has to offer.  Most importantly, we wish you good health, love, and peace of mind and heart.  May each day of this new year bring you more blessings than you can even imagine, and may you be a blessing to others whom you meet along the way . . .