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yorkbookexpoWell, the York Book Expo is just a day away, and Mary Ann and Penelope are all ready to go! Are you
ready? Are you coming to the Expo? It is tomorrow, at Memorial Hall at the York Fairgrounds from 1pm – 5 pm. There will be a ticketed presentation by New York Times best-selling author, David Rosenfelt, which is before the expo at 11:30 (you can go here to purchase tickets).

Mary Ann will be in the Expo area in the afternoon with a multitude of other authors ranging in genres from children’s books to romance to non-fiction, along with illustrators, book stores and a few publishers. Anyone who has an interest in books is bound to find something interesting!

Since it is October, we have a little treat in store for you – thankfully no tricks! Here is a video of Mary Ann reading an excerpt from Just Plump Penelope. We hope you enjoy, and we hope to see you tomorrow in York!

Just Plump Penelope is getting ready for her debut at the York Book Expo this Saturday, October 17th!

The boxes of books are all packed and ready to go, Mary Ann has plenty of pens to sign your books, and a special give away will be offered for anyone purchasing a book this weekend! Be sure to come on out to Memorial Hall at the York Fairgrounds to visit, and welcome Penelope to the world!

Until Saturday, here is an interview with Mary Ann Hayes, the author of Just Plump Penelope about the inspiration for the story!

Well folks, after about 9 months of preparation, Just Plump Penelope has arrived in printed form, in a hard bound edition, and will be making her first appearance at the York Book Expo this coming Saturday, October 17, 2015! We hope that some of you will be able to visit Mary Ann and Penelope to celebrate her debut!

Mary Ann will be at the Expo, selling her first published book, and will be more than happy to sign it for you!

Here is a quick interview with Mary Ann about Just Plump Penelope.