Here is a list of Mary Ann Hayes’s books and the status of upcoming releases.

Easter Chicken CoverThe Easter Chicken

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Everyone knows that it’s the Easter Bunny who puts those beautiful colored eggs in our baskets and hides them in our yards just in time for Easter morning. But have you ever wondered where the Easter Bunny actually gets those eggs? After all, everybody knows that rabbits don’t lay eggs.

Well, wonder no more! Simply open this book and meet Cassandra Chicken, also known as the Easter Chicken. And when you have read to the last page, you will know exactly how the Easter Bunny gets those amazing eggs!

Happy reading! And Happy Easter!

Featuring full-color, full-page illustrations. Soft-cover book; 44 pages, 8.5″ x 8.5.”

Just Plump Penelope

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Cover Art for Just Plump Penelope

Cover Art for Just Plump Penelope

Open this book and meet Penelope Sue, the newest member of the Peters family! Penelope is an adorable baby with reddish-blonde curls, sparkling green eyes and the sweetest dimple in her chin.

Penelope is not an ordinary newborn. You see, she weighed 14 pounds when she was born, leaving her mother to ask repeatedly “Is Penelope fat?” Mr. Peters, the nurses in the hospital, the doctor, and even the new baby’s grandparents try to reassure the anxious mother that her little girl is not really fat. But big brother Liam, who was looking forward to having a “little” baby sister, will be the most difficult of all to convince that indeed Penelope is just plump!

Read about the crafting of Just Plump Penelope and how a unique team brought Penelope to life!


Cover art for Just Plump Penelope Goes to Kindergarten

Just Plump Penelope Goes to Kindergarten

Available Now!

Five years have passed since Penelope Sue Peters came into the world weighing 14 pounds. Ever since her arrival her family and friends have been describing her as “just plump.” And Penelope has, in fact, continued to grow plumper with each passing year.

Today is her first day of kindergarten, a day that Penelope has been awaiting eagerly. With her brother Liam and his best friend Cody, Penelope takes her first school bus ride; she meets her kindergarten teacher and quickly makes friends with the little girl who sits next to her in class. But not everyone Penelope encounters is so kind. There is the school bus driver who simply can’t refrain from commenting on Penelope’s size. But worst of all is Sean, the fourth-grade bully, whose nasty comments spur big brother Liam to fight with him on the playground and bring tears to Just Plump Penelope’s eyes.